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Inside Arco Arena

Ever been under the seats at Arco Arena? Neither had we... While it was an incredibly fascinating tour, this old stadium sure seemed like they made best of what they had (which was not much to begin with). Did you know there's a secret tunnel under there? Find out where it leads.

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posted Friday, October 30, 2009 by John


Fight Tonight Over Nestle Bottled Water Plant!

As reported in Sacramento Press yesterday, the City of Sacramento issued a stop-work order on construction of a Nestle water-bottling plant in Sacramento, and at a 6pm meeting tonight the City Council will consider "amending the city's zoning code to immediately require special permits for beverage bottling plants."

The stop-work order is based on questions of whether or not Nestle filled out the appropriate paperwork to build the plant, and Brendan O'Rourke, who works for Nestle, says they did. The larger issue being asked by City Councilman Kevin McCarty and the advocacy group Save Our Water Sacramento is whether Nestle should be allowed to bottle water in Sacramento at all (full disclosure: I am friends with some of the members of Save Our Water Sacramento). While some of the water will be shipped in from nearby springs, the majority of the water Nestle wants to bottle, an estimated 81 million a year according to an article by McCarty in Sacramento Press, will be taken directly from Sacramento's municipal water supply, despite California being in its third year of drought. This water will then be resold to Californians (to avoid regulation by the FDA) at a profit of 10,000%!

Certainly, Sacramento has already made money off of the proposed plant; Nestle says they've already paid "'$3.7 million [. . .] in [the] form of permitting fees, construction costs, due diligence payments and [other associated] costs [. . .],'" and Mayor Kevin Johnson was quoted in another Sacramento Press article as saying the new plant could create "'40 to 60'" jobs. But do the costs outweigh the benefits? 40 to 60 jobs is certainly not a lot, and any money Sacramento has made so far will pale in comparison to what Nestle will make reselling tap water. Last week Save Our Water Sacramento hosted a special screening of the as-yet-unreleased documentary Tapped at The Crest. The film is pretty horrifying, detailing the problems with the bottled water industry: besides those already discussed, citizens in a city with a Nestle water-bottling plant in Maine were cut off from their water supply for two days while the plant's supply kept going; bottled water faces far less stringent safety requirements than bottled water and has been found by various studies to be contaminated; people who live near plants that create the plastic bottles for bottled water have a higher risk of getting cancer; and of course, water bottles that are not recycled often end up in the ocean, forming islands of plastic trash larger than Texas that are killing wildlife and affecting the food chain.

However, there are already two water-bottling plants in Sacramento, according to yet another Sacramento Press article (boy, they are on this issue!). And the best way to stop bottled water might be to simply stop drinking it. While I'm definitely a bleeding-heart liberal, I've drank my fair share of bottled water over the years (Tapped slackened my thirst for the stuff, however). A comment left on one of the Sacramento Press articles called local opponents of the Nestle plant "NIMBYs," an acronym that stands for "Not In My BackYard" and refers to people who enjoy the use of certain products or processes, such as nuclear power, but whom nevertheless refuse to let the uglier aspects of the product or processes, such as nuclear waste, come anywhere near their backyard. Those uglier aspects then end up in parts of the country or world where people are too poor to keep them out.

In any case, whether you oppose or support the Nestle plant, your voice can be heard tonight if you show up at the City Council meeting, and that's what democracy is all about!

The views and opinions of Jesse Baggs do not necessarily reflect those of and its other contributors.

posted Tuesday, October 27, 2009 by hardpressed jess


Looking ahead to EWU

Despite EWU win over UNC last Saturday, the Eagle staff and players are less than thrilled with their performance. Too many penalties, allowed sacks, and the kicking game kept UNC in the game, despite their four turnovers.

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posted Thursday, October 22, 2009 by Sac Rat


More pre-game hype

Hornets are abuzz over shot at FCS No. 2-ranked Montana Hornet fans will need a buzz to deal with another loss.
Despite injuries, UM a heavy favorite No way! 0-14 means nothing.
Distractions won’t bring Griz down So, cancel having the sheep run across field at game time?
More Bobby Nixoma; Montana coach’s protest of student paper sheer bully behavior
No. 2 Montana at Sacramento State

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Pre-Griz Chatter... and then some

Sac State football coach Sperbeck building more than a team Its a dynasty.
Grizzlies haven't hit perfect pitch in Sac Well, let's not start tomorrow.
Bobby Nixoma is a bully.
Up next: New faces slow Hornets' progress Porous defense might be an issue, no?
Peterson Is A Hornet
Griz CB Johnson 'OK' after scare
Griz move up to No. 2 in latest Sports Network Top 25 football poll Soon to drop big time.

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posted Wednesday, October 21, 2009 by Sac Rat


Bad Sign

Ron McBride, coach of the Weber State Wildcats, threw gratuitous compliments towards Sac State before his team pummeled the offensively dormant and porous defense of the Hornets last Saturday. For example, “[Sacramento State] has given us fits in every game we have played them in my five years here. They always have strong, physical players on both sides…and …They play with great intensity and hustle…,”

Emulating the senior statesman of the Big Sky, Coach Bobby Hauck of the ranked #2 in the nation University of Montana Grizzlies had this to say about their upcoming opponent, “They’ve done a couple really nice things this year…winning in Portland is hard. Not many people have done that in recent years…They typically play real well at home, and year-in and year-out they tend to upset one of the better teams in our league..”
Now, I am not the sharpest marble around, but I think I can translate this double entendre; Grizzlies gonna do some major ass kicking of Hornets this Saturday on Fred Anderson Field at Hornet Stadium within the confines of the Alex Spanos Sports Complex.

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posted Tuesday, October 20, 2009 by Sac Rat


That was ugly

Sac State drops to 0-2 with loss at Cal Poly

New-look Cal Poly defense passes first test

Cal Poly football kicks off Tim Walsh era with impressive win

Cal Poly Football: Poly wins opener over Sacramento State in Walsh's coaching debut

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posted Sunday, October 18, 2009 by Sac Rat


Pre-game Weber State Round-up

Hornets face tough battle vs. Weber State
Mighty motivation
The CSN Way: The Wild, Wild West
Weber State vs. Sacramento State
Phil Sotomayor: From the Old Wildcats who still have an opinion…

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posted Saturday, October 17, 2009 by Sac Rat


Go APE This Weekend!

The Alternative Press Expo (APE) is this weekend at the San Francisco Concourse Building. Tickets are $10 a day or $15 for both days. Head on down for a fantastic collection of comics, books, posters and handmade items you won't find anywhere this side of Etsy! This year's special guests include Jeff Smith, creator of Bone, Dash Shaw of Bottomless Belly Button, and Phoebe Gloeckner of A Child's Life.

Flyer for APE 2009

I will also be in attendance, along with fellow hard-pressed artists Argel Brown, Clave Fourie and Scott Longo. We've got the weirdest names in the biz! How could you not stop by our table? Argel will be debuting his new mini-comic, "Falling."

Front cover for Argel Brown's mini-comic, Falling

Back cover for Argel Brown's mini-comic, Falling

Clave and I will be debuting our first joint mini-comic. My half is entitled, "How Hipsters are like Superheroes."

Front cover for Jesse Baggs's mini-comic, How Hipsters are like Superheroes

A sample panel:

Preview panel for Jesse Baggs's mini-comic, How Hipster are like Superheroes

Clave's half is "Baggs 'n' Me," depicting one of our true-life adventures! Not really!

Front cover for Clave Fourie's mini-comic, Baggs 'n' Me

A sample panel:

Preview panel for Clave Fourie's mini-comic, Baggs 'n' Me

See you there!

posted Friday, October 16, 2009 by hardpressed jess


I Don't Think So

An athlete that I know at Sacramento State said to me that there is absolutely no support from students and the majority of fans at their games are fellow athletes.

Let him hear from you.


posted Thursday, October 15, 2009 by Sac Rat


Homecoming 2009

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posted Tuesday, October 13, 2009 by Sac Rat


"We've Got Work to Do"

Despite the win, there were troubling aspects of the game - like holding on to the football and not letting the offense stall - that should cause concern as the next stretch of games include Weber State, Montana, and NAU.


  • A win that redeemed last year's OT loss at ISU.

  • 2-1 in Big Sky Conference

  • 227 yards rushing, led by Terrance Dailey's 178 yards and Sam McCowan's 52 yards.

  • 2 TDs scored by defense; Durrell Oliver (37 yards) and Marquese Smith's (83 yards) interception returns.

  • 0 interceptions thrown by Smith

  • Close to 10k in attendance


  • WR Brandyn Reed's 3 dropped passes

  • 8 penalties for 70 yards

  • Hornet's 22.35 minutes of possession to ISU's 37.25 minutes


  • 3 fumbles by the running back corps

  • Dailey's temper tantrum that saw him sit out the rest of the game

News coverage;

Dailey leads Sac State football team over Idaho StateBengals fall to 0-6

Hornets football defeats Idaho State 38-17 in Homecoming game

Hornets Take Advantage of First Half INTs for 38-17 Win Over Bengals

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posted Sunday, October 11, 2009 by Sac Rat



Hornets vs. Imaho Bungles today. One word: Revenge.

New weapons give Hornets buzz

Struggling ISU travels to Sac State

Sac State will be motivated against winless Idaho State

New Hornet Dailey gradually takes off

And, International Mascot of Mystery

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posted Saturday, October 10, 2009 by Sac Rat


What a Difference a Week Makes

What will a win do for a Hornet fan? I feel thinner, smarter (well, that really isn't possible), happier, and content. And, I didn't even stay in a Holiday Inn Express.

"...they outworked us."

Sac State beats Portland State for first win

Sac State rolls over Portland State

Football earns first win of the season against Portland State 31-14

Sacramento State Ends Long Losing Streak In PGE Park, Beats Vikings, 31-14

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posted Sunday, October 4, 2009 by Sac Rat


Hungry Like a Wolf

Hornets hungry for a win against Portland State

Portland State football: Vikings look to win the battle up front against Sacramento State

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posted Saturday, October 3, 2009 by Sac Rat


Friday news dump

Some old, some new. I have missed a few days. In search of D.

Up next: Sacramento State Hornets

Viking Football Looks For Bounce Back Win Against Sacramento State

Hornets work to shore up defense

Ailene Voisin: Hornets still have lots of room to grow

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posted Friday, October 2, 2009 by Sac Rat


New Pics

Rick continues to provide a great service with his photography work. Here is his latest; v. Eastern Washington

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